Funding Opportunities 
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Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) 
Relevant Institutes: Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction (INMHA), Institute of Aging (IA)

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Operating Grant
An operating Grant provides support for a research project by an individual or small group of investigators. 
All applicants must register their intention to apply for a new or renewal Operating Grant one month before the deadline date for the full application. The deadline dates for receipt of the full application for both new and renewal applications are September 15 and March 1. The registration deadline dates are August 15 and February 1, respectively. See the complete registration description on CIHR's website. 
Grants will usually be awarded for two, three or five years. In certain cases, grants (e.g., feasibility studies) may be awarded for one year only. Payment of yearly instalments is subject to the appropriation of funds by Parliament.

Clinical Trial Grants
CIHR defines a Clinical Trial as a study involving humans where at least two interventions in health care (possibly including placebo or standard care) are compared using random allocation, statistical methodologies and blinding techniques. Applications will be examined for the relevance of the question posed, and the appropriateness of the methodology and of gender representation in the study design and selection of research subjects. 
Applications for dose finding studies, safety & efficacy studies and other non-randomized clinical studies must be made through the CIHR Operating Grants Program (Please refer to the University-Industry Program guidelines for those applications funded in part by Industrial Partners), and will be reviewed by the relevant content committee. CIHR will not provide support for studies that are solely for the purpose of satisfying regulatory requirements. 
There are now 4 competitions a year for this program with application deadlines of September 1, November 1, February 15, and April 1 of each year for FULL applications.

Dyskinesia and Torticollis Research Grants
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research has responsibility for administering a Fund for Research in the fields of dyskinesia and torticollis. The Fund was established by an anonymous donor who stated that the income derived from the endowment is to be used for the support of basic and/or clinical research, in the broad field of movement disorders known as dyskinesia and more particularly for research in the movement disorder known as torticollis. 
Proposals for the use of the income from the Fund may be submitted to CIHR in the form of a letter accompanied by such documentation as the applicant considers relevant to the assessment. The proposals must be received by CIHR by October 1 each year.

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