Medtronic Announces the Applications Process for Accessing Clinical-grade, Bi-directional Neural Interfaces for Advancing Deep Brain Stimulation

Medtronic is inviting researchers worldwide to submit clinical research proposals for exploring the application of embedded sensing and algorithms to clinical therapies, with a particular emphasis on movement disorders (Parkinson’s, essential tremor, dystonia) and epilepsy. Selected research protocols will be supported with access to the Activa PC+S beginning approximately mid-calendar-year 2012.

The Activa® PC+S is an implantable neuromodulation device (Activa PC) with technology enabling bi-directional neural interfacing. In addition to supporting all predicate clinical therapy requirements for deep brain stimulation (DBS), the system is capable of real-time telemetry and chronic, ambulatory monitoring of bioelectrical activity from electrodes, memory storage to save recorded sensed information for later download, and flexible embedded algorithm processing for identifying and logging user-defined events. When associated with a custom clinical programmer, the system allows for upload and display of recorded information, as well as reconfiguration of sensing/algorithm parameters within the implanted device.

All interested clinicians or other potential study partners should send their inquiries to the program mailbox:

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