Funding Opportunities 
(Foundations - Parkinson's Disease)

National Parkinson Foundation
Phone: (305) 547-6666 
Fax: 305-243-3049

Research Grants
One year grants of $40,000 (US) are awarded for basic bench research in Parkinson's disease and other related neurodegenerative disorders. It is required that proposed studies specifically focus on mechanisms involved in the disease process and that they have the potential of finding the cause and prevention of Parkinson's disease. Scientists entering the field of Parkinson research are encouraged to apply.
Deadline: February 1

American Parkinson Disease Association
Contact: 1-800-223-2732

Research Grants
One year grants of $35,000 (US) and in exceptional instances up to $50,000 will be awarded to investigators in Parkinson's disease research. 
Deadline:March 1

Senior Research Grants
One year grant in the $75,000 - $100,000 (US) range to established investigators sponsored by a not for profit institution. 
Deadline: March 1

Parkinson's Disease Foundation
Phone: 212-923-4700 
Fax: 212-923-4778

International Research Grants Program
One year grants of $35,000 (US) are awarded for studies directly relevant to the study of the causes and cure of Parkinson's disease. Both basic and clinical proposals are eligible for support. Preference will be given to scientists who are at an early stage in their professional careers.
Deadline: April 1

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