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Registration Now Open for the ASSFN 2014 Biennial Meeting

Registration is now open. For more information please visit the Biennial Meeting Page.

Meeting Agenda

2014 Gildenberg Award

Contratulations to Joshua Aronson, MD, who received the 2014 Philip L. Gildenberg award. Read More

Fall ASSFN Newsletter

The ASSFN Fall Newsletter is now available. Click here to download

Roy Bakay, MD, FAANS: A Tribute to an Icon in Functional Neurosurgery

Roy Backay

On Sept. 5, 2013, the world lost a great neurosurgical innovator, and the ASSFN lost a pioneer and leader when Roy Bakay, MD, FAANS, passed away after a long struggle with stomach cancer. Read More

Presidential Update

An update on 2013 changes in membership dues. Click here to download

President's Address

It is indeed a great honor and privilege to be elected as a President of such prominent and established society as ASSFN. This job is particularly challenging when one has to follow stellar example of many famous functional neurosurgeons that held this post before me. Thankfully, the work of Society president is supported by the entire executive council and a cohort of Past Presidents all of whom find the time and strength in combining busy clinical and research practice with the service they provide to ASSFN. As the matter of fact, I feel that work of many past presidents and board members remains largely unknown to the members of our society and I would like to change this – first, by increasing transparency of the leadership’s activity and, second, by enlisting help from two Past Presidents, Phil Gildenberg and Roy Bakay to sum up ASSFN history in a series of personal stories and anecdotes.

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Winners from ASSFN Biennial Meeting

Poster Winners:

1. Beneficial Effect of Subsequent Lesion Procedures Following Non-Response to Cingulotomy for OCD, by Sarah K Bourne
2. Binge eating is attenuated by accumbens deep brain stimulation: a mechanistic approach in mice, by Casey H. Halpern

Abstract Winners:

1. Pediatric Deep Brain Stimulator Surgical Complications, by John Honeycutt
2. Modulation of Limbic Circuitry by Nucleus Accumbens DBS in a Large Animal Model: an fMRI study, by Emily Knight
3. Optogenetic Stimulation of the Medial Septum Controls Oscillatory Activity in the Hippocampus, by Nealen Laxpati

Research Highlights

The potential use of deep brain stimulation (DBS) as a therapy for dementia and the effects of DBS on memory have recently gained considerable attention. In a recent report, Suthana and colleagues have studied the effects of electrical stimulation in seven patients undergoing depth electrode implantation to map epileptic seizures. Read more

ASSFN Mission Statement

The mission of the American Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery is to foster the use of image guided and physiologically guided surgeries that alter the function of the nervous system, for treatment of neurological disorders. The Society will improve patient care, educate neurosurgeons, other physicians, allied medical specialists, and the general public, support basic and clinical research, and provide a forum at national and international meetings to fulfill these goals. Through its meetings, the Society will also establish minimum standards for the performance of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. Read more

ASSFN 2014 Biennial Meeting

Visit the ASSFN 2014 Biennial Meeting page for more information about dates, location, and agenda

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ASSFN Fall Newsletter

The ASSFN Fall Newsletter is now available!

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ASSFN Proposed By-Laws

Proposed by-laws changes were passed. Click here for info

ASSFN Non-Profit Status

The ASSFN is incorporated as a non-profit organization. The Society is now eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with the IRS Code.

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